Bake Naturly - The Right Choice to Healthful Snacking

BAKE NATURLY is a reflection of healthful snacking philosophies derived from “nature” and “natural” perspectives…launched by the Dofreeze team with a passion for food and the environment.

Our vision is for our consumers to enjoy a snack that matches everyone’s lifestyle, baked naturally from natural ingredients.

BAKE NATURLY Soft-Baked Bars

Are available in Banana and Chocolate varieties, are made from the three healthiest grains on earth: whole wheat, buckwheat, and oats. They’re also vegan-friendly with prebiotics and boast high fiber content, no preservatives, no artificial colors/flavors, and no added sugar.

BAKE NATURLY Soft-Baked Gluten Free Bar

Is made with gluten-free rice flours, oats, buckwheat, and vegan-friendly with prebiotics. They also boast high fiber content, no preservatives, no artificial colors/flavors, and no added sugar.

BAKE NATURLY Chocolate and Banana Muffins with Oats

Represent the perfect on-the-go breakfast meal that eliminates non-essential, calorie-increasing ingredients and replaces them with those boasting no preservatives, vegan-friendly elements, no artificial flavors and colors, high fiber, prebiotics, and no added sugar. These irresistible muffins are made with oats and whole wheat.

For the healthy eating experts at BAKE NATURLY, it’s a matter of changing your perception of snacking to encompass products that “naturally energizes your day” while helping you keep an active lifestyle – and we’re making these treats tastier than ever.

BAKE NATURLY Soft-Baked Gluten Free Bar: Like No Other

Products such as ours are often labeled “gluten-free” because there are no grains added – but our bar is made with special kinds of grains in the form of gluten-free rice flour, oats, and buckwheat, with the benefit of being vegan and having no added sugar or nuts. This bar is not just for people with conditions such as celiac disease but also for those seeking a normal and healthy lifestyle and wants to include gluten-free snacks in their diet.

BAKE NATURLY Healthy Muffins with Oats

Why should anyone have to give up delicious breakfast treats just to pursue a healthy lifestyle? The BAKE NATURLY Banana with Oats Breakfast and Healthy Muffins fuse fruity banana flavor with buttery, nutty oat overtones to yield a healthy and delicious morning indulgence unlike anything on the market. As with our other health-conscious products, the muffins represent an ideal source of fiber with reduced sugar levels, solid prebiotic characteristics, no added preservatives, and no artificial colors, and are made with whole grain oats and whole-grain wheat.

The Future of Snacking

Who says great taste and healthy ingredients can’t go hand in hand? For those who are living a healthier lifestyle, you can now, indeed, have your cake and eat it too with the tasty treats from BAKE NATURLY!