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What is the difference between Naturally Occurring Sugar and Added Sugar?

Naturally occurring sugars are found naturally in foods. Added sugars include any processed sugars or caloric sweeteners that are added to foods or beverages during processing or preparation to provide a sweet taste.

Is Naturally Occurring Sugar better than Added Sugar?

Naturally occurring sugar is better than processed added sugar however it’s still sugar and unhealthy. Naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables never exist in such a high concentration as added sugars, and they’re always accompanied by healthy components like fiber, which slows the absorption of natural sugars into the blood. Meanwhile, added sugars are devoid of nutrients, they’re more concentrated and they hit our bloodstream far more quickly.

However, naturally occurring sugar is still sugar, it’s best to simply eat less sugar. The ideal diet should be low in Total Sugar, high in fiber, consisting primarily of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

What is the difference between High Fiber and Source of Fiber?

According to GSO world standards, to be “Source of Fiber” the food must contain at least 3g of fiber per 100g and for a ‘High Fiber’ claim at least 6g of fiber per 100g of food is needed. “High in Fiber” is much healthier than “Source of Fiber.


Hello! Have you ever heard of PREBIOTICS? Well, the good bacteria in our intestines, or “guts,” need feeding, too, and PREBIOTICS are that food. Consuming prebiotics can help increase the number of good gut bacteria, which, in turn, supports your gut health.

What is the difference between “PROBIOTICS” and “PREBIOTICS”?

Probiotics are live good bacteria that have been studied and shown to support health, depending on the specific probiotic strain. Prebiotics aren’t bacteria at all – as we already said, they are actually dietary fibers representing food for the good bacteria in your gut.

Why are PREBIOTICS better than PROBIOTICS?

There is increasing medical evidence that Prebiotics activate beneficial good bacteria, in turn protecting us against infection, inflammation and tumors. However,there is presently limited medical evidence on the beneficial role of Probiotics in the human body.

Why are BAKE NATURLY SOFT-BAKED BARS a good source of PREBIOTICS…and why are PREBIOTICS important to the HUMAN BODY?

Soft-Baked Bars from Bake Naturly contain a lot of good things, but one of the most important ingredients is POLYDEXTROSE, a low-calorie, low-glycemic dietary fiber proven to enhance the absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the colon. It may also play a role in reducing the risk of colon cancer.

PREBIOTICS are non-digestible plant fibers that help increase the number of “good” bacteria in our digestive systems. It has been scientifically proven that increasing prebiotic fiber intake supports immunity, digestive health, bone density, weight loss and brain health.

SHORT-CHAIN FATTY ACIDS (SFCA) play an important role in the maintenance of health and reducing the development of disease, while POLYDEXTROSE promotes the production of SCFA’s.

This is all about doing the body good, and it’s something we’re committed to at Bake Naturly.

Support your digestive health by keeping its structure and function intact through consuming the right kind of snack – in the right amounts.

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